Our advanced driving events connect families of teen drivers to proven solutions that enable teens to arrive alive every time they drive™!

(Over 98% of our graduates drive incident free for years)


  • Worried about your Teen’s safety?
  • Searching for ways to reduce their teen’s driving risk?
  • Looking for solutions that are proven to work?

Teen Drivers

  • Afraid of driving?
  • Worried you’ll have a crash?
  • Looking to control your safety?

Teen Driving Solutions School doesn’t believe any teen driver should die in an automobile crash, especially when they are statistically preventable.  Our dedicated educators and trainers value these young lives and are committed to helping them increase their knowledge and vehicle control skills for significantly reducing their risk of being involved in a crash.

Our goal is to continue improving our curriculum and upgrading the equipment and technology we use to make a difference in the lives of these priceless teenagers.  We’re looking to add new technology aids in our classrooms, and special equipment on our fleet of training vehicles and our training course. Additionally, we’re in the process of developing more tools and printed resources for the families that attend our events.  

We Provide Parents With

Peace of Mind for Parents - TDSS Sign

Teen Driver Safety

Safety First Sign - Teen Driving Solutions

Risk Reduction

Risk Management and Reduction - Teen Driving Solutions - DPDHRisk Management and Reduction - Teen Driving Solutions - DPDH

How We Make A Difference

Mindset Education

  • Classroom sessions on mental skills
  • Maintenance Clinic to learn about vehicles
  • Learn More

Skillset Training

  • In-car Instruction
  • Vehicle Control Training
  • Learn more

Build Proficiency

  • Improve Every Drive
  • Achieve Safe Arrivals
  • Learn more

Why Our Solutions Are Proven to Keep Teen Drivers Safe

By combining the proper mindset for driving with the skillset to safely control an automobile in any environment, it creates a solid foundation on which proficiency can be developed.  Our methodology enables parents and teens to achieve a lifetime of safe driving as they mobilize their hopes, dreams and purpose in our world. 

What We Believe:

  • We believe our nation’s teenage drivers are the only irreplaceable component in the driving equation and therefore, the value and worth of their life must be the highest priority in the education and training they receive in preparation for driving.
  • We believe in empowering teens with the tools to think differently and the skills to control their driving destiny is the key to significantly reducing their risk for crashing far beyond what the safety technology of their vehicles could ever achieve.
  • We believe Arriving Alive Every Time You Drive™ is a personal CHOICE!

Compliance with the rules doesn’t guarantee your safety, crashing is not a legitimate form of learning to drive, and experience is nothing more than subjecting yourself to an exam for a lesson you’ve not yet learned.

CHOOSE to Adopt New Beliefs about Driving! 

Hear From Parents and Teens Who Attended Our Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does each day begin and end?

We start at 8:00 a.m. on both days and finish between 5:00-5:30.

What is the minimum age and permit requirement?

We require a minimum age of 15 with a learner's permit.  Please call us so we can discuss if our school is the best fit for you and your teen (919) 552-5775.

How much time do they spend in class versus driving?

Your teen will have 8 hours in car training, 2 hours in the vehicle maintenance clinic, and 5 hours of technical training.

What is the cost of your program?

Our teen driving program is superior to any other program offered in the USA and would prefer to have a conversation about what you are looking for in a teen driving program and to share what we offer that others don't.  We believe that we cannot put a cost on the value of a teen's life.  The cost for one (1) parent and (1) teen to attend our course is $995.  Adding a second parent is highly recommended for $195.  Call us for more information today 919-552-5775.

Do you complete driving logs after completion of your course?

Yes, please bring your teen's driving log with you so we can fill it out for you once you and your teen completes the course.

Should my teen use their own vehicle?

We do provide vehicles at Virginia International Raceway; however, you may choose to use your own vehicle.  You will only use it 1/3 of the time (max) as our vehicles have special equipment that can’t be put on yours.

We are not demonstrating a particular make or model vehicle.  We are teaching you and your teen how to drive based on solid principles for most cars so it does not matter if the vehicle is ours or yours.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

If Teen Driving Solutions cancels an event due to inclement weather or lack of registrations, you will have the choice of a refund or to reschedule for another date.  If you cancel last minute because of sickness, or a sporting or other event suddenly comes up, you will have the opportunity to reschedule only. As an exception, there are situations that arise that are out of your control, please contact us to discuss your situation as to whether a refund or reschedule is an option for you.

Can I get a discount on my insurance?

Liberty Mutual is the only insurance company that we know of that will offer discounts for coming through our program but that’s a conversation we recommend you have with the company who insures you.  Have them call us.  We’d love to show them why they should offer discounts on our program.

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