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Thank you for registering yourself and your teen in our Safe Driving Course. Please submit the following information to provide additional details we need about you and your teenager along with your payment to secure your seats in your selected course date. Thank you!
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  • Price: $80.00 Quantity:
    Do you want to learn how to parallel park a car? Are you required to parallel park your car to pass your license exam at the DMV? Interested in learning this skill without the stress and anxiety from trying to do it while traffic stacks up behind you blowing their horn? Let TDSS teach you. We offer 1-hour sessions with an instructor in your personal car and we’ll have you parking like a pro in a safe environment without any traffic. These sessions are available on Saturday only during our 2-day event. You will select a one-hour block of time on Saturday.
  • Price: $150.00 Quantity:
    Interested in learning how to drive a manual transmission car? Let TDSS teach you. We’ll provide a short classroom session to explain the mechanical function of a clutch and then provide you 1 hour of instruction in our vehicle. You’ll learn how to start and stop, start moving when you’re on a hill, upshift, downshift and when to shift. These 1:15 hour sessions are available only on Saturday’s during our 2-day event.
  • Price: $100.00 Quantity:
    Interested in learning how to maintain your car? We'll teach you the difference between oil, antifreeze, and other vehicle fluids. You'll learn how to change a tire too! The clinics are held only on Saturday during our 2-day events. You can select a morning or afternoon session.
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