Advanced Teen Driving School with Family Focused Approach

Our Teen Driving School offers courses that focus on both the mental and physical skills needed for your teen to be a safe, responsible driver. It’s a teen driving school program that’s designed to supplement parents’ coaching with further teen education, while simultaneously helping those parents continue that education down the road. After all, the DMV’s expectation is that you are responsible to ensure your teen driver’s safety.

Led by our expert instructors, our Teen driving school instills positive driving habits and educates teens about road safety, all helping people become safer drivers. The class provides teens a mix of both hands-on behind-the-wheel training to improve vehicle control, and a class curriculum focused on mental skills. Teens learn to take personal responsibility every time they drive, to improve decision-making on the road, the physics of safely controlling a vehicle in real life situations and mental habits that avoid distractions.

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Our Teen Driving School is a registered nonprofit with a mission of reducing the rate of teen deaths by automobile accidents throughout Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. In addition to offering advanced driving courses for teens and their parents, we provide safe driving advocacy and volunteer time for speaking engagements and clinics.

Still questioning whether this is the right teen driving school program for your teen?  Take a look at this teen driving school comparison chart to help you make the best choice!