My teen driver will not have a fatal crash

We live in a world where we all believe “it won’t happen to me” or “it won’t happen in my family” but the truth is, countless things go wrong in our daily lives that we never expected or anticipated.  Fortunately, many of these situations are not life altering although that may seem that way at the time.

For instance, I read a story recently that involved a family’s encounter with a dead squirrel.  It began with a foul odor on their screened in porch that grew from a mild annoyance to what they described as the most toxic, disgusting smell they had ever experienced.  As they attempted to investigate the source of this smell, they found a 4 inch gap between the ground and the floor of the porch which was big enough to allow an animal to get trapped.

The whole point of this very humorously written story revolved around the cost options for getting rid of the horrible odor around their porch.  The man’s mother-in-law suggested tearing down the old porch and constructing a new one which they estimated would cost around $20,000 dollars.  But the option they settled on was calling a local pest control company and having them locate and remove the source of the smell which was a dead squirrel trapped under the porch.  In the end, the pest control company charged them $125.00 and shortly there-after, the stench was gone.

By comparison, $125.00 seemed incredibly cheap verses $20K for a new porch but when they realized it only took the pest control man 5 minutes to complete the removal of the squirrel; they were actually paying the equivalent of $1500.00 per hour.

Regardless, under these circumstances, spending $125.00 immediately improved their quality of life, saved them the cost and time of constructing a new porch and the money back guarantee the pest control company offered made their decision risk free.  The fact is, this family would have paid triple that amount to have prevented this situation…a situation they thought couldn’t possibly happen.

What does this have to do with the cost of educating and training your teen driver?

Everything!  How often do any of us worry about what it will cost if a squirrel dies under our porch?

Not often, if ever.

However, as parents, most of you worry about your child being involved in a vehicle crash after they get their driver license.

How many of you consider what that crash will ultimately cost you?

  • Teen driver crashes cost our country $40 billion dollars each year and while the bulk of that money is paid by your insurance carriers, it is taken from your bank account in the monthly premiums you pay.
  • If you have a teen driver and they are involved in any type of physical damage incident, your insurance premium will double.
  • A second crash will cause it to triple and those increases don’t include the potential cost of personal injury that may result from a crash.

Ponder these questions for a moment:

What if your teen driver suffered a serious injury that required major surgery or rehabilitation?

What would the medical expenses amount too?

What if the driver of the other vehicle involved decided to sue your family?

What could those costs amount too?

What if your child was killed in a crash?

Could you even put a dollar figure on that loss?

None of us want to believe that our children will be injured or killed in a vehicle crash but the fact is, “driving is the number one cause of death for teenagers in America” and over 400,000 teens are injured in vehicle crashes each year.  Simply believing it won’t happen to your child will not prevent a tragedy from occurring and unlike the dead squirrel incident, family life won’t return to normal in 5 minutes time.

In fact, it may never return to normal.

You Can Do Something Now – You Are in Control to Help Your Teen Driver

However, what would you pay to significantly and effectively reduce your teens risk for being involved in a crash?

What are you willing to pay to avoid having your car insurance premiums double or triple, to suffer the inconvenience of having your vehicle repaired, to prevent your teen from suffering injury or worse yet, death as a result of a simple driving mistake?  According to all statistics, 77% of teenage vehicle fatalities are the result of driver error (mistakes).

Teen Driving Solutions School, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization charges $595.00 for a full two day training seminar that effectively reduces a teen drivers risk for crashing by educating and training both the teen and their parents.  The seminars we conduct are currently producing a 99% success rate and we’re so confident we can dramatically reduce driving risks for teen drivers; we offer a money back guarantee.

If you found yourself nodding your head in agreement to paying $125.00 ($1500.00 per hour) to remove that dead squirrel and the stench it created, are you not also persuaded to see the value in spending $595.00 ($37.19 per hour) to protect the life of your teenager and significantly reduce their risk for crashing, injury or death?

At a minimum, isn’t the cost of one training seminar less than the insurance premium increase you would pay if your child has a wreck?

In the world in which we live, things can, do and will happen that we never believe will.  But when that situation involves an issue that can negatively impact the quality of your family’s life and potentially place your teens life in harm’s way, I hope this simple story about a dead squirrel will forever change how you think about preparing your teen for driving.