Teen Driving Solutions Debunks the Multitasking Myth When Driving

Anyone of any age cannot multitask when driving or when doing anything else for that matter

Teen Driving Solutions Appears on WFMY CBS Greensboro Today

Our Founder and President – Dan Wagner and one of our amazing graduates, Casey Perkins appeared today on WFMY, the CBS affiliate in Greensboro!




They were both superstars and represented the organizations in such a great way.  Thanks Dan and Casey!

The topics of the segment were the impact of distraction on our performance in general as well as in driving, and what it’s like to go through our program.


That’s where Casey came in. 

She did a fantastic job representing teens who have been through Teen Driving Solutions School Advanced Safe Driver Program.  She described what she learned from becoming a TDSS Family Member and shared why teens and parents should consider joining the family to stay safe behind the wheel.

Dan and WFMY Good Morning Show Co-Host Jackie Fernandez demonstrated the impact distraction has on our ability to perform simple tasks, much less driving.  He also had a second segment aired on the WFMY website concerning the science behind teens being more susceptible to distraction than adults.

We are proud to have been represented by such great folks as Casey and Dan!