According to a story posted on, a law passed in 2009 that bans drivers from texting while driving has NOT effectively stopped drivers from texting while driving.  While the law went into effect in 2009, fines were not attributed until 2010.  The article goes on to state that in the first 9 months since fines were implemented, some 650 citations have been issued.  (see full article here:

Now there are several interesting things to note here.  First, the law was implemented because the driver distraction created by texting has been proven dangerous, not just to the driver engaged in texting, but to every other driver around them.  Secondly, it is probably fair to say that these 650 citations represent and tiny portion of the drivers that actually do text while driving.  Why is that a fair statement?  Quite simply because a Law Enforcement officer literally must see a driver engaged in texting in order to write that situation.

Now, for anyone who believes texting is NOT a distraction, consider those who have been fined as a result of texting.  In most cases, they clearly did not see a police car pulling up next to them (or behind them) nor were they aware of the cruiser’s presence in their general vicinity.  If that is not proof that texting is a distraction, I don’t know what would be.  If these drivers were not aware of the vehicle directly behind or next to them and failed to notice that vehicle was a police car, they couldn’t possibly detect or notice any of the other vehicles around them.

Furthermore, it is clear that these drivers could not possibly detect a “hazard” or dangerous situation unfolding ahead of them.  Texting is clearly a distraction that presents serious dangers to both the driving doing the texting and all other drivers anywhere around them.  We shouldn’t need a law to ban texting but obviously, a large number of drivers don’t understand the realities of their “responsibility” when operating a motor vehicle.  Until people start acting responsibly behind the wheel, this country will continue to write laws designed to protect them from themselves.  Put the phones away and focus on your driving.  Even if you don’t care about your own safety, at least be respectful of the rest of us who share the road with you!