Teen Driving Solutions School agrees to:

  • Provide a safe environment for you to perform your duties.
  • Insure you have appropriate materials and equipment when and where needed.
  • Explain current policies and procedures related to your responsibilities.
  • Provide a level of compensation for your services to T.D.S.S.
  • Provide insurance coverage to protect staff members from any liability resulting from any incident they did not cause, participate in or could not have prevented.

As a Teen Driving Solutions School staff member, I agree to:

  • Arrive fully prepared to perform my duties as defined and outlined by T.D.S.S.
  • Dress appropriately and conduct myself in a professional manner.
  • Attend pre-seminar meetings and debriefing sessions following events.
  • Assist other staff members where and when needed or as directed by event management.
  • To promote T.D.S.S. seminars (events) where possible.
  • Recognize that this agreement remains in effect as long as my affiliation is maintained with T.D.S.S.


  1. T.D.S.S. owns all intellectual property rights to “The GRIP on Life Teen Driving Seminar” (also referred to as the “Program”).  Because the Program contains copyrighted material, ownership of the Program and any related trademarks or copyrights are, and shall remain, the property of T.D.S.S.
  2. Nothing shall be removed from or added to the Program by anyone without specific authorization from the management team of T.D.S.S.
  3. No proprietary Program materials shall be shared with or in any way transferred to individuals, businesses or other teen driving organizations.
  4. Suggestions and ideas presented to T.D.S.S. which are implemented in the Program become proprietary and T.D.S.S. will retain ownership of such items.

Staff Member Agreement

Electronic signature of this form is a requirement for all staff members. We reserve the right to amend this agreement at any time and re-request your signature to confirm agreement with the amendments. The Staff Agreement can be found at http://teendrivingsolutions.org/staff-agreement/ for your review at any time.