Teen Driving Education

Research Based Education

90% of teenage vehicle fatalities are the result of “Driver Error”.

Preventing those errors requires education to understand WHY they occur and learning HOW to correct them.

“Education is learning what you didn’t know you didn’t know.  ~George Boas

  • The most critical step in becoming a safe driver is NOT completing a state mandated Driver Education program or passing the test at the DMV and acquiring a driver license. 
  • The most critical step is getting yourself mentally prepared for the high risk, adult sized responsibility that comes with possessing a license. 
  • Our classroom sessions provide you with the knowledge you need to get prepared. 

All the skills and techniques in the world are not going to make you a winner if you are not properly prepared mentally.  Your mental approach to driving may just have the single biggest effect on your success.”  ~Ross Bentley 

The only successful drive is the one that transports you to your chosen destination safely. 

We teach you how to create the mindset for that success before you begin each drive.

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