Teen Driver Training

Training is the Practical Application of Knowledge

The essence of training is to allow error without consequence. – Orson Scott Card

According to NHTSA, the top contributors to teen fatalities are:

  • Over-correcting from a loss of control
  • Dropping a tire off the pavement (incorrectly responding)
  • Improperly judging safe following distances
  • Distractions
  • Failing to buckle seat belts

We provide the practical application of the classroom knowledge by connecting the Mental aspects for driving with the physical relationship between driver and vehicle in a safe controlled environment so that teens understand:

  • Vision (and how it determines the direction of a vehicle)
  • Traction (and how it controls a vehicle)
  • Weight Transfer (and its effect on control)
  • Stopping Distances (and how it determines safe following distances)
  • Safety devices (ABS/Stability Control and how they function)
  • Avoidance (control/escape routes/recovery)
  • Lane Change
  • Two Wheels Off (control/recovery/panic)
  • Distractions (and how 2 seconds can set a crash in motion)

If you don’t know what enables the safe control of a vehicle, you’ll never know:

  • Why control was lost or
  • How to recover from a loss of control

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