The Teen Driving Survey Says…

A recent study by State Farm and the research firm Harris Interactive concludes:

  • 1/2 of teen drivers feel they have no control over whether they will be involved in a crash, fatal or not, while they’re behind the wheel of a car.
  • Teens are unaware of the dangers driving represents with their level of inexperience.

Parents, Educators, and Legislators Must:

  • Accept the reality that our nations teenage drivers have been set up to fail
  • Acknowledge teenage driving is the number one cause of death for teenagers
  • Know that half of all teenagers are unaware of the dangers involved in teenage driving

We should not be surprised that over 4000 teens are killed each year in vehicle crashes

When our teenage drivers don’t feel they have the skills to prevent or avoid a crash it should be obvious to all of us that they do not understand what enables them to safely control a vehicle.  Would any of us be willing to board an airplane if we knew the pilots felt they had no control over whether they could land that plane safely at our destination?

Yet, every day parents hand over the keys to teenage drivers who’s only education is based on knowledge of the rules and the ability to steer a vehicle between the white lines on the road and complete a full stop at either a stop sign or red traffic light.  This limited teenage driving training fails to connect our teen drivers with any form of knowledge about the 3500 pound weapon they are expected to drive in a safe responsible manner and explains why our teens feel powerless to prevent being involved in a crash.

Ending Our National Statistic – Teenage Driving is the #1 cause of death to teens

The key to ending our national statistic that “driving is the number one cause of death for teenagers in America” must begin with skill based training that properly connects the driver with the vehicles they drive by providing them with education and training about their vehicles abilities and limitations and a full understanding of the mechanisms that enable them to safely control that vehicle.  When a driver fully comprehends the controlling aspects of the vehicle they’re driving, their confidence for safely controlling that vehicle will increase and their risk for crashing will decrease.

Teenage Driving is a matter of life and death

It is imperative that both parents and teens:

  1. Understand the seriousness of the risks involved.
  2. Seek out professional education and training (instead of depending and trusting free or low cost state based education).

Teen Driving Solutions School was established to help families change the way they think about driving while connecting parents and teens with skill based training for safely and responsibly controlling their vehicle.

Arriving Alive doesn’t happen by chance, it is achieved by the training process that connects the mind and body with the vehicle and centers everything on the “goal” to arrive alive.

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