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Make the roads you drive on safer with your contribution to Teen Driving Solutions.  Our quality driven, difference making, school with a total focus on REAL WORLD DRIVING SKILLS, SAFETY FIRST and ARRIVING ALIVE EVERY TIME YOU DRIVE™!

Just look at all the teen lives we can save with your help, multiply this picture out several thousand fold!  Every dollar you contribute goes directly towards saving a teen’s life.

Donate Things We Need for Next Year

Bottled Water

We purchase bottled water for everyone on Saturday and Sunday at our Teen Driving School events.

Event Lunches

We provide lunch from a local vendor for attendees and volunteers on Saturday and Sunday.

Vehicle and Other Needs

We need funding for our cars including fuel, tires and easy drifts, maintenance expenses, tools, and tents for protection from weather during driving exercises.

About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

Everyone who works at Teen Driving Solutions is a volunteer.  Every dollar you donate goes towards expenses such as track rentals, cars, car maintenance, lunches, water, tents, and other operating expenses.

Lunches for Teens, Parents, Volunteers, and Emergency Staff

Renting facilities that include paved road, classroom space, and a skid pad

We provide training cars for use by teens, parents, and instructors

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

We would love to hear from you and receive your support.  Get involved in your communities.  Share our message and program with parents of teens, schools, your insurance company, church and your place of work.

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