Chuck Hawks – CEO

Chuck Hawks – CEO


Call Sign: Noiz

Chuck is the CEO of Teen Driving Solutions.  In addition to his leadership role, he serves as the school’s primary classroom instructor and co-leads curriculum development with the school’s president, Dan Wagner.

Don’t let Chuck’s responsibilities fool you into thinking he is just a desk jockey!  Chuck has over 30 years’ experience in motorsports as a pro driver, coach and trainer for all types of driving.  Basically, if it’s got four contact patches he teaches, coaches, or drives it – from teens to race drivers and more.  He tests prototype vehicles for automobile manufacturers and provides tactical driver training for governmental, military and private agencies.  Chuck’s daily driver is a Volkswagen Golf R whose all wheel drive, prodigious power, and razor-sharp handling make it extremely safe and fun to drive.

Despite constant offers from around the world to contract his exceptional skills, Chuck faithfully makes time to volunteer his many talents for Teen Driving Solutions to provide the quality training teens need to “Arrive Alive Every Time They Drive™!”

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