Daniel Wagner

Daniel Wagner

Founder & President

Call Sign: Throttle Boy

Dan is the founder and president of the Teen Driving Solutions School.  At one time or another, he has been a certified High-Performance Driving Education instructor for 8 different car clubs and racing associations.  He is a graduate of the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving where he raced Corvettes, Formula Fords, and shifter karts.  Until recently, he maintained an SCCA competition license.  He once owned an automotive performance shop and is an expert “wrench” who custom built over two dozen engines for Bob Bondurant, including Mr. Bondurant’s personal school vehicle.

Nowadays, when not volunteering his time as president of the school, Dan markets specialty engineered materials for the bus and aviation industries.  When on the road, he can be found behind the wheel of his Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT or his Cadillac CTS-V with the rare 6-speed manual option.

So, what compels someone to make the huge sacrifices he has to create and operate a school like Teen Driving Solutions?  When Dan was 14 years old, a close teenage family friend died in a car crash.  Over the ensuing years, Dan witnessed several young members of his own family get in serious wrecks shortly after getting their licenses.  This combined with the realization that teen drivers were continuing to die in motor vehicle crashes at a disproportionately high rate spurred him to write a book on safe driving techniques.  The book soon evolved into the G.R.I.P. on Life Teen Driving Seminar.  From this seminar grew the Teen Driving Solutions School in 2010.

His goal was to create a program that provides teenagers the specific education and training necessary to reduce their risk for crashes.  Based on feedback from our graduate families along the way, that goal has been met many times already.  To this day, Dan remains the driving force behind achieving our vision that teens and their families everywhere, Arrive Alive Every Time They Drive!™  Oh yes, you better accept that  no parent or teen leaves one of our classes without getting a hug from Dan!  The man truly has a heart the size of Texas.

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