Jim Hansen

Jim Hansen

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: Eagle

Jim has been participating in high performance driving events for the past nine years.  In 2013 he was asked to become an in-car track instructor.  He currently drives for three race teams fielding a Chevrolet Camaro, Toyota MR2, and a Ford Mustang.  To date, Jim has conducted over 65 high performance driving classes, showing folks how to be fast, smooth, and most of all safe behind the wheel of a race car.

Currently his personal set of wheels is a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, which makes even picking up the dry-cleaning fun!  Besides driving race cars, Jim’s other hobby is woodworking.  So, when he’s not making pieces of metal go fast, he’s making pieces of wood become beautiful.  Jim retired from NC State University where he was in charge of all the machines that ate paper, including every printer and copy machine on campus.

So, given the choice of driving a race car, a Corvette ZR1, or making beautiful things out of wood, why does Jim give up his weekends to be an instructor for our school? Because he wants to make a difference in the lives of young adults.  He hopes that students will remember TDSS for the rest of their driving “career” and pass on what they have learned to others. With all his track instructor experience, nothing phases him in a car, and his quiet and soft-spoken style immediately puts new and nervous drivers at ease.

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