Joe Scarbrough

Joe Scarbrough

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: Voodoo

Joe came to Teen Driving Solutions with an extensive portfolio of professional training, racing, and instructing experience.  His credentials include a NASCAR Touring Series License, and a Grand Am Sports Car Series License.  He has 275 race wins, and 8 national championship titles to his credit.  Joe is also the published author of the book “You Wanna Race”, an Entry-Level Guide to Motorsports Racing.  If his recreational activities weren’t exciting enough, his day job consists of being a tactical and performance driving instructor, motorsports consultant, and fleet manager for RFH Tactical Mobility.

So why would a man with Joe’s considerable talent and experience want to work for free as one of our instructors?  He says being able to give his students the truly life-saving skills to stay alive in a motor vehicle is all the reward he’ll ever need.

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