Ken Frederick – Lead Instructor

Ken Frederick – Lead Instructor

Lead Instructor

Call Sign: Magnum

Ken’s position at Teen Driving Solutions is “Lead Instructor”.  Prior to each event, he is responsible for overseeing all the logistics of assigning teens and parents with their instructors, and instructors with their vehicles.

Additionally, Ken teaches our amazing Maintenance Clinic where teens learn how to properly change a tire, check fluid levels, perform a pre-drive vehicle safety check and much more.

Ken is a retired police officer and as such, spent numerous hours examining the cause and effect of many motor vehicle crashes. He's seen a lot! In 1997 Ken launched a private investigation agency and in 2006 established Academy of Driving; a well‑regarded driving school in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Despite his busy schedule, he always finds the time to donate his outstanding organizational skills and teaching ability to our school.  So why does he keep doing this?  He says he won’t stop until police officers no longer must knock on parents' doors late at night to deliver the worst news they will ever hear.

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