Mike Lovingood

Mike Lovingood

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: Major

Mike has been a police officer for 19 years.  He is professionally EVOC trained, and has over 250,000 miles behind the wheel of the Ford Crown Victoria optioned with the P71 Police Package, the very same vehicles used in the Teen Driving Solutions vehicle fleet.  Not surprisingly, the vast majority of car control skills taught to police officers are the very same ones taught in the Teen Driving Solutions curriculum.

With Mike, you will not find a more experienced professional driver to teach your son or daughter how to handle a car in an emergency.  For his personal vehicle preference, Mike subscribes to the old school that there is “no replacement for displacement” so he’s a fan of the classic big pushrod V8 American muscle car. That said, he’s itching for a chance to drive the Arial Atom which is essentially an oversized street legal go-kart with 350 horsepower.  Besides driving, Mike loves baseball.  His bucket list includes attending a game played by EVERY Major League Baseball team.

So why would Mike give up a chance to attend a Major League Baseball game to teach teens how to safely handle a motor vehicle at the limit? As a first responder, he has seen the horrific results of motor vehicle crashes, and all too often the faces are young.  He believes if he can save just ONE life, it’s worth every minute he volunteers as one of our instructors.  Thank you, Mike, for being part of our team!

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