Paul Garrett

Paul Garrett

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: Bimmer

Paul has over 20 years of HPDE experience, and has been an in-car instructor for the past 10 years.  Paul is a graduate of the Skip Barber Advanced Driving School.  His daily driver is a BMW M3.

The retired manager of a Fortune 500 company, Paul is an eclectic kind of guy.  When he’s not volunteering for Teen Driving Solutions, he can be found out on the golf course, working out, or tending to his garden.  Paul tells us his reason for volunteering are the big smiles he gets from his students when they realize the amazing things they can do with a car they never before thought possible.

The icing on the cake are the proud looks he sees his students get from their parents when they realize just how much more skilled a driver their teen has become.  We are extremely grateful that Paul is willing to share his knowledge and skills to make a true impact in saving teen lives.

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