Our Program Includes

Your teen’s driving skills are your responsibility as their parent.

Not Drivers Ed, or the School System or even the Government!

Our two-day safe teen driving course teaches teens and their parents driving fundamentals including sound judgment, good decision making, and physical control of ANY vehicle in real-life road and traffic conditions. It includes hands-on behind-the-wheel instruction in a safe, controlled environment, and classroom curriculum centered on preparing students mentally.

We Supply

  • Vehicles and fuel
  • Lunch on both days
  • Trained and Certified Instructors
  • 1 Instructor Paired with 2 Teens
  • Track set up and safety crew
  • Emergency vehicles and staff on site at every event
  • Maximum class size of 24 students (the lowest instructor-to-driver ratio in the industry)
  • Your teen driver gets practice to make sure the skills and training they receive becomes second nature.


  • At least 15 years old
  • Currently driving on a learner’s permit (or have a driver license)
  • Have a minimum of 20 hours supervised behind-the-wheel experience
  • Option to use your own vehicle
  • Focus on avoidance before recovery
  • Teen-Parent Driving Agreement
  • 5 hours classroom training
  • 8 hours in-car training (can be added to driver’s log)

Driving Exercises

  • Two wheels off exercise
  • Distraction exercises
  • Hands on Vehicle Maintenance Clinic
  • Impairment Exercise
  • Parking
  • Reverse Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • “Rules of the Road” Review


  • Personal responsibility 
  • Distracted or impaired driving dangers
  • Mental habits to avoid distractions
  • Using sound judgment
  • Making good decisions on the road
  • Physics of safely controlling a car in real situations
  • Seeing what’s ahead and around you on the road
  • Vehicle control and physics to understand how braking, acceleration and turning change the grip of tires on the road 

Behind the Wheel

  • How to handle a vehicle with – and without – anti-lock brakes
  • Safe driving in reverse and successful parallel parking
  • Focal and peripheral vision
  • How to safely avoid hazards by scanning for and using escape routes
  • How to safely recover from dropping “Two Wheels Off” the road
  • How to sense the vehicle’s motion and weight transfer
  • How to react to the most common situations that lead to injury or death for new drivers:
    • Driving on a twisting road while distracted
    • Overcorrection 
    • Understanding the effects of impaired driving simulating .08 – .12 blood alcohol content (BAC)
    • Loss of traction of rear tires, front tires, and all tires to practice skid prevention and recovery (wet and dry conditions)
  • Proper vehicle maintenance


  • Parent Focus: Communication Skills First, Lead By Example second
  • Same classroom instruction as teens
  • Participate in driving classes
  • Drive the same exercises as your teen
  • See the Difference – ride with your teen before graduation
  • Reinforce safe driving behaviors once everyone returns home,
  • GRIP Principles© Exercises structured to simulate real-world scenarios

Parent Instruction

  • How to safely communicate with your teen in the car
  • Managing stress, anxiety, and emotions while maintaining safety
  • In-Car language
  • Teen-Parent Driving Agreement

Defensive Driving

We teach predictive behaviors so that you and your teen are prepared for any situation that occurs on the dynamic roads you drive on.

Continuing Education

Driving is an active learning experience.  We provide the opportunity to keep your skills sharp and for you and your teen to Arrive Alive Every Time You Drive™!

Private Driving Lessons

We are investigating providing private driving lessons for adults and teens.  Stay tuned for more information.

Competency Evaluation

Our courses are on a pass/fail basis because we are committed to your safety, the safety of our roads, and you and your teen Arriving Alive Every Time You Drive™.  If you are not ready for any reason, we will support you to get the skills you need to drive safely.

Strategic Driving

  • Reading traffic
  • Situational Awareness
  • Avoiding others’ mistakes
  • Dealing with distracted drivers, traffic stops, road rage and more


Our Teen Driving Program

My son, Adam, and I went through the class this past Saturday and Sunday and the course content and driving skills were learned were well above my expectations. Adam's confidence and ability to drive within his limits increased 2 or 3 fold. Knowing what I know now I'd pay twice what I paid, and the ultimate payoff may actually be priceless.

Our Teen Driving Program

This school taught me a lot! I was very impressed with all of the instructors. A great amount of information is taught at this school and I will never forget it!

This school is a major step up from a standard driver's ed class.

This school teaches you the best ways to control a car, which is very good information to know. I would recommend this school to any new driver, even if it means travelling out of the way to get there.

Our Teen Driving Program


I don't think I've walked away from a program of any type with such immense respect for the people who run it and the final product as I have for TDSS.

This group is SPOT ON in its curriculum and its implementation.

They're absolutely committed to their mission, and it shows. The instructors know how to talk to teens and how to appeal to them. On top of that, they know how to drive, and they know how to drive well.

My daughter walked away from this program with new driving skills and with an *appropriate* confidence level. I walked away with new skills to work with my teen as she navigates this huge responsibility we call driving. I simply can not give it enough praise.

Worth the investment, many times over.

Our Teen Driving Program

Absolutely the best $ we spent on my kids' educations so far!

We drive every day!

And take it for granted that our kids received a good enough "drivers' ed" at their school when, in fact, they did NOT - drivers' ed does not prepare kids for the road!

Teen Driving School is run by the most passionate and caring people and I was so impressed with the entire weekend course.

My kids learned how it feels to drive on ice and rain and even how to maintain their cars!

So much great information shared and we had a BLAST!

Really fun to drive the cars on the course (parents too!)

Can't say enough about the weekend.

Our Teen Driving Program

I just completed this advanced driving course with my youngest son this past weekend(as have my oldest son and husband).

It was intense and demanding, but worth the money and I would highly recommend it for everyone, particularly those with teenage drivers.

And after practicing emergency drills all weekend, it literally saved our lives on our way home last night.

When a couch came flying off a trailer into my path, I was prepared to stay calm and react appropriately.

I am so grateful to be alive!

Our Teen Driving Program

The course this weekend took my very nervous, hesitant, and unskilled daughter - as well as my somewhat risky and cocky son - and have given them a skill set, appropriate confidence level, and respect for the life and death choices made behind the wheel of a car - and they had fun doing it. With perspective that I've never previously had about the mechanical limitations and human reaction time, I so much better understand the physics behind the speed limits set in certain areas and the catastrophes that are waiting at any moment of inattentiveness.

I am confident that the things they learned here will help them to have good judgement and to save their lives by responding correctly in evading collisions or other emergency situations. While it is an expense that requires budgeting, it is priceless training - and the phenomenal people behind the school, as well as all instructors do not pocket a dime, though they are former law enforcement and auto industry professionals involved in training race car drivers and military vehicle maneuvers. All money goes into funding rental of private track space for learning and and practicing maneuvers, and car maintenance, insurance, fuel, and other actual operating expenses. This is a team of people passionate about saving lives of teenagers and not interested in making a profit. In the 8 years of their operation so far 99.3% of their graduates avoided any citations or collisions. To me, that speaks volumes.

Our Teen Driving Program

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