Two days ago (Sunday the 21st) we returned from a two day class where as you know, my daughter attended your school for the second time. (after being involved in a serious accident in which was not her fault so the second time around was to build confidence after being in such a traumatic accident). This morning on her way to school, she was passing a road that dead ends into the road she was traveling on. Apparently a car was approaching from the right and decided it either wasn’t necessary to stop at the stop sign and wait for traffic before turning right or simply didn’t see the stop sign. In either case, the car slid through the stop sign and entered her lane IMMEDIATELY at the point my daughter was driving by. She was aware of her surroundings and instinctively swerved her Jeep and drove around the eminent danger she was about to encounter. When she came home, she was a bit shaken but you could see her enthusiasm as she explained how she used the correct steering technique to defensively drive her Jeep.

I can honestly say if it weren’t for the skills she learned and practiced on the track at Teen Driving Solution, she would have fallen victim to yet another accident which was not her fault. I thank you for teaching the skills that prevented my daughter from yet another mishap. As a parent, I urge other parents to consider that what our children learn in driver’s education classes in this country is simply not enough and where they leave off, Teen Driving Solution picks up the slack. My sincerest THANKS! ~ Mark Mahoney, Charlotte, NC