My son Lewis and I took the two day course last month. I had a good idea of what the course would cover but I was shocked at how much more material was actually covered. The behind the wheel driving skills instruction was extremely thorough and each teen has at least 6 hours of in car time. The point of this course is not just helping our kids correct a car on the edge of control loss (or after loss of control) although it does spend a great deal of time working on these skills. The course helps develop attitudes and an awareness to help them prevent getting into trouble in the first place. There is a significant amount of time spent talking about making good decisions and keeping your head in the game while driving.
There were many topics that were covered during the course which I use in my daily driving and have tried to pass on to my son. Playing the “What if…” game is one of them and there was a lot of time spent explaining how to use it.
This course is truly an investment in our children’s lives. Although it can’t prevent my son from getting into an accident, it has given him a lot of tools to take with him when he is on the road.
At the end of the second day, each teen gets to demonstrate what they have learned with the parents riding in the back seat. I honestly was blown away at how well my son could control the car and how confident he was. Not over confident, but empowered.
This course really should be mandatory for teens. Although I honestly think that most parents need to take this course as well.