My son and I attended the TDSS course while he had his provisional license. I knew I was going to allow him to drive his younger sister to and from school. Obviously, it was critically important that they both made it wherever they went safely. It wasn’t only about my son, but also his sister.

There are a lot of things I can live without, but my children are far too valuable to have put them on the road without giving them any and all of the safety tools I could possibly find!

My son did not want to take the TDSS course. Once he completed it, he couldn’t thank me enough. He was truly grateful that I had invested in him. The TDSS team was phenomenal!

During the introduction, parents were told that if their child needed anything special, we should let them know. My son absorbs information quickly. He likes people who move quickly, talk quickly, etc. Vincent was paired with a superstar driver who made his experience amazing!! The confidence my son gained from TDSS is invaluable. Thank you TDSS!!!