My son, Sam and I attended the TDSS class in July 2015. He had just received his license and had just turned 18. The class was an absolute eye-opener for him and was able to teach things I couldn’t legally or practically do on the street. I had to learn them on my own by trial and error. Things such as the skid pad demonstrating over/under steer effects and emergency maneuvers at speed on the track. Being able to conduct those events and others increased not only Sam’s confidence behind the wheel but also mine in his abilities to react properly in an emergency situation.

With a solid foundation and the addition of TDSS, he has never been involved in an accident and as far as I am aware has never had a ticket. The parent classes were also useful and provided discussion points between parents and kids. Getting the parents behind the wheel was a bonus and showed how bad habits can crawl into daily activities. When Sam’s younger sister is ready, I’ll be back with her. Thank you.