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Jimmy Winchester

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: Night Train
Jimmy is currently a high-performance driving instructor for the BMW, Ferrari, and Porsche Car Clubs of America, so clearly there is no beast he can’t tam...

Joe Scarbrough

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: Voodoo
Joe came to Teen Driving Solutions with an extensive portfolio of professional training, racing, and instructing experience.  His credentials include a NASCAR T...

Thomas Rhodes

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: Wolf
Tom is no stranger to teaching teens advanced car control skills.  Before becoming one of our school’s very first instructors, he was an instructor for two othe...

Merrill Quintrell

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: Raider
Since childhood, Merrill has always had a passion for machines.  It doesn’t matter if it rolls, floats, or flies.  A graduate of the Bertil Roos Advanced Rac...

John Michaels

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: Ice
Growing up in Upstate New York, which is notorious for its horrible icy winters, you either learned car control skills quickly, or you wound up dead shortly thereaf...

John Marshall

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: Ninety-Three
John is an expert at holding high-performance motor vehicles precisely and safely right on the edge of their performance capabilities.  So, it should come...

Mike Lovingood

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: Major
Mike has been a police officer for 19 years.  He is professionally EVOC trained, and has over 250,000 miles behind the wheel of the Ford Crown Victoria optioned ...

Brian Kruse

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: 2Kruse
Brian is the consummate “car guy”.  Some say he learned to drive a race car before he learned how to shave.  He has participated in countless High-Performa...

Elizabeth Harper

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: Jet
Elizabeth may be our youngest instructor, but don’t think for a second she lacks the skill or experience to be an outstanding in-car coach for your teen. When she...

Jim Hansen

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: Eagle
Jim has been participating in high performance driving events for the past nine years.  In 2013 he was asked to become an in-car track instructor.  He currently...

Don Goodman

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: Marvin

If anybody knows how to safely squeeze the most performance out of an automobile, that would be Don.  He is a National Instructor for the Porsche Club of Amer...

Paul Garrett

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: Bimmer
Paul has over 20 years of HPDE experience, and has been an in-car instructor for the past 10 years.  Paul is a graduate of the Skip Barber Advanced Driving Scho...

Dr. Julian Busby

Driving Instructor

Call Sign: Doc Throttle
Dr. Busby is a board-certified Ob-Gyn physician with 48 years’ experience in High Point, N.C. He raced competitively in the SCCA for 26 consecutive years...

Ken Frederick – Lead Instructor

Lead Instructor

Call Sign: Magnum
Ken’s position at Teen Driving Solutions is “Lead Instructor”.  Prior to each event, he is responsible for overseeing all the logistics of assigning teens...

Dr. Dar – Administrator

Parent Coach

Call Sign: Dr. Dar
Dr. Dar serves in the role of administrator and board member.  She previously designed, developed, and delivered the Parent Coaching Program for nine years. He...

Chuck Hawks – CEO


Call Sign: Noiz
Chuck is the CEO of Teen Driving Solutions.  In addition to his leadership role, he serves as the school’s primary classroom instructor and co-leads curriculum ...

Daniel Wagner

Founder & President

Call Sign: Throttle Boy
Dan is the founder and president of the Teen Driving Solutions School.  At one time or another, he has been a certified High-Performance Driving Education...